Best DWI Attorneys Call to Stop the Incidence of Drunk Driving Among the Youth

July 7th, 2010

It is a common belief that the youngsters are more prone to driving under the influence of alcohol. However, the recent statistics show that this is not true and, in fact, the instances of drunk driving in the young people are declining. This has also led to decline in youth-related car crashes, car accidents and the consequent loss of lives. This is a welcome development and shows the young people are now having a greater understanding of the pitfalls of drunk driving. However, some experts including some of the well known best DWI attorneys are skeptical about the trend and they suggest further action to make sure that the trend continues.

Some of these steps as devised by the best DWI attorney are:

1. Reducing drinking and driving by way of social pressure. In the first place, the society including the friends shall never appreciate the drinking habit. They shall also make sure that their drunk friend is not allowed on the driving seat.

2. Driver programs: It has been found that the teens are more prone to get intoxicated quickly than are experienced people. So, if some teenager wants to drive, some experienced person shall instead volunteer to drive for him. This is likely to reduce the chances of accidents by a great extent.

3. Reducing the drugging. The best DWI attorney who has handled a vast number of cases must have come across many instances of people being drugged with illicit drugs while driving. These drugs reduce coordination time and increase the reaction time. The drugged person is very dangerous while driving and can cause accidents resulting in loss of lives of the innocents.

4. Improving driver education: Even as states continue to devise harsher penalties and punishments for drunk driving, there is little that licensing authorities do in helping to check the menace. Some states give a brief introduction to the subject matter and in others, even this much is not taught. So, there is a need to include the drinking tests in the training and education programs as well.

The statistics showing the decline in the incidents of drunk driving and related accidents involving the youth shows that there is a growing awareness about this problem among the school and college going students. Also, very strict laws with high prosecution rates and the general non-acceptance of the drunk behavior in their social circles are also the contributory factors to reduced binge driving.

Best DWI Attorney Tries To Resolve the DUI Issues at the Administrative Stage

July 7th, 2010

In US, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is considered to be a crime. The moment you take to the driving seat and drive a vehicle, the “implied consent” principle of the DUI law becomes applicable. As per this principle, there is an implied consent that you will subject yourself to the tests conducted for knowing the extent of being drunk. The law enforcement officer can stop your vehicle and can ask you for any of the tests. If he finds that you are drunk, he will initiate the necessary action. In most of the States, if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time, it is considered to be a misdemeanor. However, if you violate the laws repeatedly or commit some serious offense along with driving in drunken state, the charge becomes one of felony. The best DWI attorney will be able to explain the differences between the two and the different types of penalties attracted by them.

It is common knowledge that the law is violated if the blood alcohol concentration level is measured to be 0.08% or above. The best way to determine this is to conduct the blood or urine test. But, the breathalyzer is commonly used on-the-spot by the enforcement officers. When this test is failed, the administrative license suspension takes place. The matter does not reach court yet and some time is given to file for a revision. The best DWI attorney knows what all needs to be said and done to get the matter resolved. You shall not undermine the importance of this stage and decide to go all by yourself. You commit a single mistake and the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) will be more than happy to put you on the doors of the courts. Since the government is quite strict with people who drive under the influence of alcohol, DMV will not oblige you by letting you off. So, you do need the help of an experienced DWI attorney.

This stage of the proceeding is considered to be very effective in bringing about a change in the behavior of people and preventing them from driving under the influence of alcohol in future. Currently, 41 states in the US have the administrative license suspension provisions. The best DWI attorney works for revocation of the license and dismissing the charges.

Seek Help of A Patent Attorney To Reap The Full Benefits Of Your Innovation

July 5th, 2010

In simple words, patents are the rights granted to a person or an organization which prohibits others from using, making or selling the invention. The need for patent was felt because the inventor of new things were required to be duly compensated and given the opportunity to reap the benefits of their inventions for a specified period of time. The patents are of different types and these are broadly classified as product or process patents. The product patents are the rights granted on the products as such and not on the mechanism through which these have been invented. Whereas, the process patent gives the right on the mechanisms or processes used to create the product. In effect, this means that the same product created using some other process will not attract the provisions of the patent law. A patent attorney deals with disputes arising out of infringement of copyright and patents provisions and also guides the patent applicants on the various aspects of state, federal and international laws.

In the US, three types of patents are recognized and granted. These are patents on designs, utility and plant. It is important to know that the patents are not granted on ideas or wishes but on a clearly defined subject matter. The patent-ability covers everything that is made by man and excludes the natural phenomenon and laws of nature. So, this makes even the computer software patentable commodity. And, you have even the specialized software patent attorney working zealously for the software developers−doing documentation for filing of patents and handling disputes with competitors and others.

At an international level, the patent issues are handled by the World Trade Organization. Its signatory countries are required to adhere to the international patent laws and honor the patent applications filed anywhere in the member countries. Highly skilled and experienced patent attorney dealing in issues at international level regularly handle the patent and copyright related disputes between countries.

It is important to differentiate between the role of patents agent and patents attorney. The latter possess a degree in law, represent the client in the court and are also required to pass a test on patent law. They can be found by doing some internet research through the individual sites as well as directories. In most of these directories, they are categorized on the basis of city or state. You can also seek the list of the State Bar associations for the patent attorney. It is desirable that the services of a registered patent attorney are availed.

Things To Consider While Making Insurance Claims In Car Accident Cases

July 2nd, 2010

When you unfortunately meet with a car accident and are of the opinion that it is the other person’s fault due to which the accident happened, you shall ideally take the services of a car accident attorney. And, if you have received injuries due to the accident, you might also require the services of a personal injury attorney. Though both are specialists in their own work domains, you can save on your expenses if you can find an attorney who can handle both-the claims for personal injuries sustained as well as damages for the car.

After you have met with an accident it is imperative to check whether the other car is covered for the accident insurance or not. Also, check whether the insurance cover is sufficient or not. In case you find that the other person is either not insured or is under-insured, you can also make a claim to your own insurance company. But, it would be unwise to assume that your insurance company is going to honor all the claims easily. They are at their courteous best when they have to sell their product but when it comes to giving claims money, the going will not be easy. So, what shall be done to win the rightful claims from the insurance companies? Here are some tips:

1. Get yourself examined by a doctor after the accident. This is required even if you are not injured. The medical report of the doctor form the basis of claims and is also of great use to the car accident attorney for future litigation purposes.

2. Call the police. This will further substantiate your case. It will also help to contact the other party’s insurance company, if he/she is reluctant to do the same.

3. Take the pictures of the damage done to the car and the nearby surroundings. Take as many pictures as possible and from the correct angles.

4. Gather as many witnesses as possible from the accident site to prove your case that the accident was due to the other person’s fault.

5. Do not allow for recording of your statements on telephone and without the knowledge of the vehicle accident attorney.

6. Do not settle for the sum of money that the insurance compnay might offer without consulting the car accident attorney since it might be far less than what you can get.

So, it is advisable to go along the whole process of getting the claims from insurance company with the help of an experiences car acident atorney who has handled a good number of cases in the past.

Consult a Real Estate Lawyer to Know Your Legal Rights as a Tenant

June 24th, 2010

A Real Estate lawyer performs an array of vital functions including property documentation, checking the complete chain of title holders, investigation any loans or other encumbrances on the property and representing the client in a dispute related to the property. The property transactions could be either of the nature of sale-purchase or lease. The disputed related to the leasing out of properties for residential or commercial uses are dealt with by an experienced real estate lawyer. Normally, it is the landlord who has an upper hand but, nevertheless, it is important for the tenants to know their rights as well.

1. Federal laws prohibit the discrimination of tenants on the basis of race, color, origin, nationality, sex, age, family status and physical and mental disability. Apart from these federal prohibitions, the states can also prohibit discrimination on the basis of marital status and sex orientation.

2. Landlords are allowed to say no to tenants if the apartment is available for rent.

3. Landlords cannot make separate tenancy rules for the applicants belonging to the protected class. So, he cannot ask for more rent, alter the services he usually provides, etc.

4. The contract for tenancy cannot be repudiated on discriminatory grounds.

5. Tenant is also protected from harassment by landlord.

6. Landlords cannot refuse you tenancy on grounds of their ‘no pets’ policy if the animal is trained to help you in your disabilities.

7. Tenants have the right to live in habitable conditions. Uninhabitable conditions could be the unsafe conditions like plaster peeling off, holes in ceiling or floor, bad wiring, too many cockroaches and mice and other similar conditions.

8. Tenants also have the right to know why they are being evicted. If this was based on some negative credit report emanating from a source other than the tenant’s own credit report then evicted tenant can file for knowing the information of that report within sixty days of being evicted.

One can know more about the tenancy rights from a seasoned real estate lawyer. An online real estate lawyer will also inform about the exceptions to these rights contained in the federal and the state laws. Also, the real estate tax lawyer will inform about the financial obligations of the tenants. It is always better to make a check of the rights available so that the unjustified terms and conditions of the landlords can be opposed and challenged in a court of law.