5 Most Common Areas That Personal Injury Laws Cover

According to a personal injury attorney, personal injury laws cover a wide spectrum of accidents and injuries, where someone gets injured because of the fault of other people. In such cases, it is the legal right of the victim to hire a personal injury attorney and file a compensation lawsuit against the person responsible for his/her injuries and the resulting financial, personal, and psychological losses. If a worker gets injured in the workplace, he or she may get the services of a job site accident lawyer. The following are some of the most common areas that are covered under these laws according to a personal injury lawyer.

Automobile Accidents

As per the recent statistics, automobile accidents have been the major cause of death for people between two and thirty-four years of age. Over 80% of these accidents occur mainly because of the negligence or carelessness on part of one of the parties involved in those accidents. The victims in such accidents are legally entitled to a certain amount of compensation from the negligent party. Some of the victims of car accidents will be unable to work for a while because their injuries may turn into disabilities. If that’s the case, they can consult a social security disability lawyer to determine the possibility of getting disability benefits.

Defective Products

Defective products, including drugs, can result in severe side effects for consumers. Defects can be found in any consumer product that may include toys, clothing¸ appliances, medical devices, tires, seatbelts, airbags, and others. Personal injury laws have imposed strict liability standards for the manufacturers of different consumer products to follow. In order to win a compensation claim in these types of cases, the victims just have to prove in the court that there were defects in the products and that the effects caused harm to the plaintiff.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to instances where a doctor or a health care provider fails to provide the set standard of medical service. If a patient loses his/her life or experiences injuries or other medical problems because of carelessness of the practitioner or a nursing staff, he/she can be entitled for compensation under Personal injury laws.

Animal Bites

If you have a pet, such as a dog, and it bites someone, you may be held liable to pay a compensation amount to the injured person if they contact a good dog bite lawyer. Likewise, if an animal bites you, causing serious injuries, you have the right to sue the owner of that animal. Interestingly, fifty out of hundred dog bite accidents occur within the premises of the dog owner’s property. That is the reason many states have now imposed strict regulations for pet owners, especially the ones who love to have aggressive dogs at their homes.

Wrongful Death

According to a wrongful death lawyer, wrongful death lawsuits, as the term is self-explanatory, include accidents where a person loses his/her life because of the negligent behavior on someone else’s part. The close family members of the deceased can hire a wrongful death attorney and  file a lawsuit against the responsible person even if his/her wrongful act was not intentional.

Personal injury laws also cover many other areas, such as assault and battery, aviation accidents, toxic exposure and poisoning, and other such things.