What Steps Can Be Taken To Clean Up Dwi Criminal Record?

There are several provisions under the laws that allow you to clean up your behavior and get the dwi criminal record in your name expunged or erased. However, the road to such destination is not an easy one. You will have to show some great discipline. Following is a brief rundown on some of the steps that you need to follow in order to reclaim or keep your driving license, to stay out of jail, and to avoid major impediments to your relationships, finances, and your career.

The Role Of Atlanta Dui Lawyers In Expunging Drunk Driving Record From Georgia Crime Information Center

When it comes to expunging previous drunk driving records anywhere in Georgia, Atlanta dui lawyers can be a great help. But, before you find out the process and the role of an attorney, you must first be well aware of what the state laws have to say about it. As per the laws applicable for these types of cases in Georgia, only those arrest records may be expunged where the defendant was not convicted by court. It means if you were arrested for drunk driving but you were not prosecuted or the charges were dismissed, the laws have provisions on how to expunge such dui arrest records. It is very important to note that the records cannot be expunged in Atlanta, or for that matter Georgia, where you were convicted for a crime including drunk driving.