Why hire a criminal defense lawyer

When you have been arrested or have received a criminal charge, you will need the help of a good criminal defense attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in criminal defense and criminal law. They can explain what rights you are entitled to during the criminal process as well as getting you a reduced plea bargain as [...]

If Your Post Trial Appeals Fail, Turn To A Post Conviction Relief Attorney

If you have been arrested and are facing any kind of criminal charges, including violent crimes such as armed robbery, assault, rape or even murder, you need and deserve experienced, professional and aggressive defense against these charges. You may also need to contact a bail bondsman from agencies like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group of Fairfield County [...]

Are You Facing Difficulty In Getting A Job Because You Have Criminal Background Records?

Employers generally hesitate to hire those people who have criminal background records. If you have been found guilty of law violation previously, it will obviously be very difficult to obtain employment, but it is not an impossible task. If you have the right approach and follow the right steps, there’s no reason why you should not get a job.

What Happens in Criminal Proceedings for Felony Cases?

The criminal proceedings for felony cases work differently as compared to the procedure involved in minor offences (petty crime) or juvenile cases. The process here can be very complex and it is often very difficult to deal with the same without expert legal help. However, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to represent yourself, waive your right to counsel, or hire a lawyer. It all starts when a crime is committed and reported, which follows by an investigation and then arrest.