3 Most Popular Options To Avoid Or Stop Foreclosure

There can be several options to stop foreclosure, but you will not be able to exercise these options once your home is sold as part of the foreclosure process. Following is a brief rundown on three most popular ways to save your home.

What Happens During A Foreclosure Eviction Process When You Refuse To Leave?

The exact process of foreclosure eviction may vary significantly depending upon an array of factors, such as the state the property is located in and the kind of eviction notice the court orders. There can be typically one of the two options you can choose to go for. The first option is where you are sent a notice to vacate the premises within a certain period of time (it can be as short as 72 hours after receiving the notice) and you leave your home within that specific time frame without showing any resistance. The second option where you refuse to vacate the premises will obviously invite troubles unless you have a reasonable gerund to stay. In general, the eventual troubles come in the following way.

4 Things You Must Know About Home Foreclosures

Home foreclosures refer to a legal process where a court orders your mortgage lender to sell your home to recover the mortgage debts due on that home. It is very important for you to keep in mind that your lender has the right to take your property back and sell it to recover the debt [...]

Florida Foreclosure Laws – What Happens To Tenants When Landlords Get Foreclosed On?

Florida foreclosure laws have specific provisions to protect the rights and interest of tenants in a situation when the landlord gets foreclosed on. When you rent a property, you sign a lease agreement. You must be well aware of what happens to that contract if your landlord goes behind on his/her mortgage and end up getting the property foreclosed.