Some Basic Do’s And Don’ts When Stopped For DUI

When you are stopped for dui, which is drunk under the influence of alcohol, you must follow some basic do’s and don’ts thoroughly else you may push yourself into serious legal trouble. Because of the rapidly rising incidents of dui in the United States of America, almost every state has now enacted strict dui laws. However, just because you are stopped under the suspicion of dui, it does not mean that you are definitely going to be arrested. There is a set legal procedure that the traffic officials have to follow in such cases. The laws have provided you certain legal rights in this regard, which you must be well aware of. Following is a brief rundown on some of the basic do’s and don’ts that you must follow to avoid further troubles.

What To Do And What Not To Do When You Are Stopped For A Dwi Or Dui?

When you are stopped for a dwi or dui, you must be very careful with what you do and what you do not do. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or while intoxicated and then stopped by an officer, the first thing you should do is to make a commitment that you will never make this mistake again; it can cost someone’s life. The officer is doing his or her duty by stopping your vehicle and asking you to take certain tests because by doing all that he or she is actually trying to save other people’s lives that you might otherwise have put into danger. Having said that, you have the legal right to defend yourself. Following are some of the do’s and don’ts that you must follow in this regard irrespective of whether the charges against you are true or false.

How To Find Out If There Are Dui Checkpoints In Your Area?

In an attempt to counter drunk driving, law enforcements in most states often set up dui checkpoints, which are sometimes also referred to as sobriety roadblocks. As per the Supreme Court of the United States of America, such checkpoints are quite legal and minimally invasive. Still, if you are eager to get home or are getting late for a meeting and if you are stopped for sobriety testing, the inconvenience thus caused to you is undoubtedly subjective. Therefore, the best way to avoid such inconvenience is to find out if there are such checkpoints in your area also.

Drunk Driving Laws In Georgia – How An Atlanta Dui Attorney Can Help?

If you are in Atlanta and are found guilty of drunk driving, Georgia laws will be applicable in your case. Dealing with these laws and the resulting legal proceedings can be very difficult without expert guidance from an experienced Atlanta dui attorney. The state laws have provided specific provisions regarding the court procedures, penalties, and other standards when it comes to handling a case where a person is arrested under the charges of driving under the influence.