Insurance Companies Will Attempt To Pay As Little As Possible

Sadly, millions of Americans simply go about their daily lives and their daily routine but tragically end up in a car accident. Often, car accidents result in extensive personal injuries, which require extensive medical attention. As medical attention inevitably adds up to very high doctors and hospital fees that can be difficult if not impossible [...]

Vaginal Mesh: Potential disasters

The publication, on 13 July 2011, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a safety alert, concerning “serious concerns” relating to the potential complications of a surgical device, commonly known as transvaginal mesh, is alarming. For the past 15 years Vaginal mesh has been routinely used in approximately 25% of case where surgery has [...]

Your rights in an auto accident

In the state of California all cars on the road are obliged to carry insurance. This means that in any accident, which was not your fault, you can rest reasonably assured that any damage you receive will be covered , if not by the individual then by the insurance that is carried by that vehicle. [...]

The 4 Basic Steps Of Personal Injury Claim Process

Going through the personal injury claim process is very much like adding insult to your injuries. You have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence or fault and now you are asked to go through a complex legal procedure to file your claim for compensation. Considering the complexities of the legal language in general, it is often not possible to win the compensation you deserve without the assistance from an experience lawyer, specialized in this field of law. The process requires stubborn persistence from you and requires you to go through a lengthy battle of paperwork.

District Of Columbia Workers Compensation Laws

Just like every state in the United States of America has its own set of laws for cases related to occupational injuries and illnesses, there are specific District of Columbia workers compensation laws also. These laws are regulated by the Department of Employment Services. Some important tasks of this department include processing compensation claims and monitoring payments. The laws have provided certain legal rights and have specified certain responsibilities for both employees and employers regarding the cases of work-related accidents.

Wyoming Workers Compensation Laws

As per Wyoming workers compensation laws, all employers are legally required to carry proper insurance coverage to ensure monetary benefits to those employees who suffer from occupational injuries. The employers engaged in extra-hazardous occupations particularly must carry this insurance plan. They can buy the coverage either from a private insurance carrier or choose to be self insured. There is a set legal procedure that they must follow in this regard. It is also important to note that not all employers can choose to be self-insured, as there are certain eligibility criteria set by the laws to qualify for the same. There are no numerical exceptions to this legal requirement and even waivers are also not permitted.