Alabama Drunk Driving Penalties

Alabama drunk driving penalties differ from fines and penalties in other states for dui convictions. The laws are specifically aggressive for drivers under the age of 21 and for school bus drivers; the BAC limit for them is only 0.02 percent (it is 0.08 for others). The laws are stricter for commercial drivers also; the BAC limit for them is 0.04. Following are fine sand penalties applicable for dui convictions in the state of Alabama.

First Dui Conviction In Alabama

If it is the first time you have been convicted in a drunk driving case in Alabama, your license is likely to get suspended for three months. You may also be charged a monetary fine of up to $2100 (minimum $600) with or without a jail term for a maximum period of twelve months.

Second Dui Conviction In Alabama

Alabama drunk driving penalties become much stricter if you get convicted for a second time. Your license may get suspended for twelve months this time. The monetary fine can be charged within the range of $1100 to $5100. It will also become legally mandatory for you to participate in community service for at least thirty days. Jail term is mandatory for at least five days; it can go up to one year.

Third Dui Conviction In Alabama

A third time dui conviction in Alabama will result in license suspension for three years. The minimum monetary fine that you must pay is $2100; the maximum is $10000. Jail term is mandatory for at least 60 days and for a maximum of twelve months.

Fourth Dui Conviction In Alabama

A fourth time dui conviction in Alabama is treated as a Class “C” felony. Your driving license will be suspended for five long years. It will be legally mandatory for you to complete a state certified Chemical Dependency Program. You will also be liable to pay a monetary fine of at least $4100; the maximum is $10000. One year and one day of jail term is mandatory. The maximum period you can be sent to imprisonment for is ten years.

Drivers License Suspension And Alabama Point System

Just like every other state in the US, Alabama has also designed a point system for driver’s license suspension in dui convictions. As per the laws regarding Alabama drunk driving penalties, the different types of violations and the points associated with them are as follows.

- 2 points for speeding in excess of posted limits
- 3 points for disregarding traffic control device, such as traffic light and stop sign
- 3 points for following too closely
- 4 points for illegal passing
- 4 points for wrong side of road
- 5 points for passing stopped school bus
- 5 points for failure to yield right of way
- 5 points for speeding in excess (86 miles or above)
- 6 points for reckless driving

The length of the suspension period is determined as per the following schedule –
- 2-year and 365 days of suspension for 24 and above points
- 2-year and 180 days for 21-23 Points
- 2-year and 120 days for 18-20 Points
- 2-year and 90 days for 15-17 Points
- 2-year and 60 days for 12-14 Points

NOTE – It is important to note that previous counts are not counted if the conviction is more than two years old.

The monetary fines and the period of imprisonment will mainly depend on the severity of the offence; it is entirely up to the court to make a final judgment in this regard. It is also important to note that every time you get convicted for a drunk driving case, it will be legally mandatory for you to complete a DUI or substance abuse court referral program along with other Alabama drunk driving penalties.