Bankruptcy: How Much Does It Cost

Filing bankruptcy sometimes emerges as the only solution to get you out of the deep financial trouble. But, it is important for you to understand the various costs associated with the same. filing bankruptcy involves various steps and it will cost you a substantial amount of money. Let’s go exploring the expenses that you will have to bear during the procedure to file the bankruptcy petition and defend your claims.

Costs During The filing Procedure For Bankruptcy

•There is a certain amount that you need to pay as filing fee. With the addition of Deficit Reduction Act to the bankruptcy laws, the filing fees is has now gone very high in comparison to what you used to pay a few years back.
•You will need a bankruptcy attorney to provide bankruptcy help to you. No lawyers are going to do the job free for you. They will charge certain amount as their fees. You are not recommended to save this money by not hiring the bankruptcy attorney because it may eventually cost you much more. Bankruptcy laws are very complex ones and only efficient and experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help you grant you bankruptcy. Therefore, you cannot ignore their importance in this regard.
•It is not just the one time filing fees that you have to pay. If you are making any modifications to your specific bankruptcy case or proposals, you will have to additional fees for that. Therefore, make sure that while you are filing for bankruptcy, you include all the facts because adding any missing fact at a later stage will cost you more.
•Besides paying the fess to the bankruptcy lawyer you have hired, you may also need to pay for the credit counseling.
•Other expenses may include the petition fees, the amendment fees, etc.
•If you are converting your proposal from a chapter 7 bankruptcy to chapter 13 bankruptcy or vice versa, you will also have to pay certain amount as conversion fees.
•Likewise, there can be other such expenditures, such as the reopening fees, the splitting fees, etc.
•If you are abandoning any property or withdrawing any reference, you will have to pay additional fee for the same.

Long Term Costs

The above-mentioned costs are the ones that you need to pay while you are filing bankruptcy. But, that is not the end of the story. After you are granted as bankrupt, you must be ready to pay off more in future.

•In near future, you will not be able to apply for a loan.
•May be after 8 or 10 years, you apply and are granted a loan, but then you will be asked to pay much higher interest rates.
•If you avail any insurance policies, you will be asked to pay higher insurance premiums than others.
•What is worse, if you or your bankruptcy attorney cannot defend the claim properly, the court may ask you to sell off your existing home, cars and other assets to pay off the debts you owe to various creditors.

All this happens because when you are declared as bankrupt, it badly damages your credit score. Your financial life will be full of struggles for the next few decades. We can see that filing bankruptcy is an event that might bring instant relief for you against the existing debts but your financial life ahead will be a bed of thorns.