Basic Thing You Must Know About Retail Management Labor Laws

If you are running a retail store, you must have a thorough knowledge about the retail management labor laws like Bob Bratt. There are certain regulations in this regard that are applicable under state and federal laws. Retail managers have to work long hours in these stores that are either located in stand alone locations or in shopping malls. The manager has big responsibilities over his/her shoulder, as he/she has to keep the store competitive (ahead of the competitors), meet certain sales expectations, and provide training and motivation to the sales staff. Though many states have additional laws for the employment and compensation of these store managers, there are many other states that use just federal regulations. The managers usually enjoy better benefits in employee-friendly states (with specific state laws in addition to the federal regulations). Following is a brief rundown on what the laws say about it for salaried and hourly retail managers.

Salaried Retail Managers

The retail management labor laws vary significantly depending upon whether the managers are working on a salary or hourly basis. The number of hours is not counted in case of salaried mangers. They get a certain set amount of payments every month or bi-monthly or on a per week basis. In this case, it is entirely up to the employer to decide about other benefits to these managers, such as vacation days, retirement accumulation, health insurance benefits, and bonuses. The salary usually does not fluctuate even if the managers work overtime (unless the employer offers some incentive for this; there is though no obligation for the same).

Hourly Retail Managers

Depending upon the state you live in, the retail management labor laws might be significantly different for those retail managers who work on an hourly basis. Many stores need such managers for specific works for certain shifts during certain days of the week. As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, these types of retail managers are treated as an hourly employee. It means the employer is legally obligated to pay these managers on a per hour basis. They have the right to be paid for every hour they have worked for your store. Besides that, if there are certain state laws that allow meal break or rest period, these managers will be entitled for the same also. As per federal laws, there is a minimum wage set for those who work on hourly basis. Therefore, make sure that you do not pay these managers less than the minimum federal standard.

The retail store owners must abide by the above mentioned retail management labor laws. Violation of these laws will only cause hurdles in the operation of their business. If you are not sure about the laws, it will be better to seek some legal help from a qualified and experienced business lawyers in your state, someone who specializes in labor laws.