Choosing The Best DUI Defense Lawyer – Some Guidelines

Driving under the influence of alcohol is the most frequently committed offense, almost always done by a respectable citizen who is not aware of the legalities involved. Subsequently, such cases should be taken up by the best DUI lawyer who is well versed with drunken driving laws. Drunk driving is not merely a violation of traffic norms; the repercussions are very serious if not handled by one of the DUI lawyers in this field.

Convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious criminal charge which requires a specialist in this area. DUI laws are mind-boggling, but even an experienced and knowledgeable online DUI lawyer can explain you the nuances of the case.

The Basic Criteria While Choosing A DUI Lawyer

1.He must have the latest functional knowledge on the focused areas of DUI/DWI as well as know the various tactics used by the law enforcement officers while conducting field sobriety and breath/blood alcohol tests. The attorney should have more in-depth knowledge than the officer to have an upper hand in the proceedings.
2.Try to find out whether the attorney focuses particularly on DUI defense cases, or he takes up other types of criminal and/or civil cases also. There are a number of Criminal Defence Solicitors available online who exclusively deal with DUI cases only.
3.Is the best DUI lawyer that you choose Board Certified? Make sure that the attorney appointed by you is certified by the American Bar Association through the National College for DUI Defense. In the year 2003 the American Bar Association gave legal recognition to DUI Defense Law as a specialty area.
4.The DUI attorney should have an expansive knowledge in physiology, infrared analysis, photochemical analysis, gas chromatography, He should know about breath testers, individual tolerance etc.
5.Talk in advance about all the expenses to be incurred by you while you finalize the deal. Find out whether areas such as DMV hearing (administrative hearing conducted by the department of motor vehicles), blood reanalysis, breath tests, fees etc., are all included. It is best to chart up a written contract so that you are well aware about the total expenditure to be incurred by you.
6.Do not get carried away by false claims of complete dismissal of the case. The DUI defense lawyer can at the most make an effort to turn the case in your favor, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to completely get the penalties written off or do away with any type of jail sentence.

Consider the above facts while appointing the best DUI lawyer. Driving under the influence of alcohol is perhaps the most difficult criminal offense to handle, and be careful that your lawyer does not indulge in any kind of malpractice.