Dealing With The Fees Charged By Divorce Attorneys In Atlanta – How To Keep Your Expenses Low?

Divorce is always a stressful situation. There is a long list of worries that you have to deal with. But, financial worries are probably your topmost concern, especially when it comes to attorney fees. Different divorce attorneys in Atlanta charge their fee differently. Some may ask you to pay a huge sum of money upfront. After the case is resolved, they either refund you the unused portion of that fund or ask you to pay for the additional expenses (if any). Others may charge you as per a specific hourly rate that is often figured in 15-minute increments. It is important to note that the hourly rate is applicable even if the consultation or the service takes only a few minutes. Besides that, you must also consider the cost of phone calls, as you may have to talk to different parties (including your attorney) regarding your case almost on a daily basis. These phone calls may cost you $1000 per month or even more, which is quite similar to what truck accident attorneys in Costa Mesa charge. It means if the case drags for a year, your annual cost for those brief phone calls can be over $12000. Therefore, it is important for you to work out your strategies on how to keep your expenses low while you are dealing with a divorce case. You can also try Divorce Rebuilders for a free consultation if you want to understand the initial process of your divorce before taking the next big step. It shall be worth your time and efforts.

Sign A Written Contract

Many divorce attorneys in Atlanta do not require you to sign any contract. But, you are recommended to hire a divorce attorney only when he/she signs a written agreement with you. The contract must explain everything clearly, such as about the kind of services they will offer, how they can be accessed, how they will keep you updated with the developments in your case, and how they will charge their fees. Make sure that the agreement explains the provisions regarding fee arrangement very clearly, such as how often the invoices will be sent to you, whether you are required to make a certain amount of payment upfront, whether you will be charged on an hourly basis of the service, and whether there will be additional expenses, such as to cover the cost of the copies of documents that will be sent to you. One can hop over to this website to get the right kind of legal aid. In most cases, you will be asked to make a deposit in the beginning and then the lawyer will charge by the hour. The advance deposit is also termed as retainer fee. The written fee agreement must clearly outline the terms and provisions regarding this. In the absence of such an agreement, you are likely to end up paying several hidden expenses. Making prior plans and estate planning can bring you peace at mind. See an estate planning attorney to guide and help you regarding this matter. An estate planning attorney can work with you to develop a strategy to reduce estate taxes and help ensure the financial security of your spouse, children, and grandchildren.

A Low Fee Does Not Mean Great Services

It is also very important for you to understand that the divorce attorneys in Atlanta who charge low fees are not always the best ones. The low fee should not be a criterion to judge the quality of the services. In many cases, hiring a cheap lawyer may turn out to be very expensive, especially when the judgment does not come in your favor. Therefore, focus on those lawyers who are highly reputable and experienced and charge reasonable fee. It does not make any sense to hire a cheap attorney who has very little experience.

You are also recommended to practice frugality during the process. You must have a budget to work with. Make phone calls only when it is necessary. Stop all those financial activities that are merely based on temptation. In fact, you can save a lot of money if you choose to deal with your case without hiring divorce attorneys in Atlanta. This option may just work if you are still able to communicate with your spouse. Though it seems to be a rare possibility, it is still a possibility. Try negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement with your spouse. If you succeed, you can resolve the case within a very short period of time, that too, without needing to spend a lot of money.