Divorce Lawyer – For A Successful Divorce!

Susan and Rick wanted a divorce, but did not have access to a divorce lawyer. They were petrified with the intricate legal procedure involved divorce with regards to child support, alimony, custody of child and property, and other issues. They continued with their bad marriage until they came across an online family lawyer.

A divorce lawyer is specialized in dealing with family law. They have the expertise to offer sound legal advice on the entire proceeding as well as the effect of it thereafter. Generally, both the spouses hire two different lawyers to carry on with the divorce proceedings. It’s safer too.

Both Susan and Rick agreed to the divorce, therefore, they needn’t hire two different lawyers. They only needed a family court lawyer who would represent their case in court and legalize their divorce. Besides, they wanted an expert hand in dealing with delicate issues related to kids.

The First Meeting

When Susan and Rick met their divorce lawyer for the first time, they were impressed by her personality that commanded high respect. Although they had checked the lawyer’s credentials as well as references in advance, they could tell by looking at her face that they were with the right person. Since this lawyer was a member of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, she had to be highly experienced. It’s an added advantage to work with such a lawyer. The couple was thrilled to have her settle their case!

During the conversation, they came to know that their divorce lawyer had just one case pending with her. Thus, she could give most of her attention to them. It’s a bad idea to choose a lawyer who has several current cases pending with her. Enquire whether he or she can be contacted anytime, either through phone or in person. If the lawyer hesitates to be available at all times, drop him.

The Cost

Okay, you want a divorce. But, it shouldn’t be at any cost! Always discuss the fee with your divorce lawyer. It includes case-filing fee, consultation charges, and the structure of charging. Some lawyers charge a flat fee. Most of the good lawyers go for hourly base payment.

Whether it’s child custody lawyer or any other lawyer, you should sign a written agreement to seal the pact. Don’t get carried away with the sentiments involved in the situation. When it comes to money matters, be pragmatic with a divorce lawyer.