Four Questions You Must Ask While Reviewing The Services Of Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Considering the complexities involved in the laws pertaining to different types of personal injury cases, your chances of winning the right amount of compensation depends very much on how capable your personal injury attorney is. If you are considering hiring one of the best Atlanta personal injury lawyers, you are recommended to first review the quality of their services thoroughly. This will help you do a comparison-shopping and choose the best one out of them. Most of these attorneys offer the first consultation free of cost. So, it will be a nice idea to meet at least 5-6 attorneys to discuss your case one by one. It is also your opportunity to ask certain questions in order to get a better idea on whether the services of a particular lawyer can be suitable for your case. Following are four main questions that you must ask while you are interviewing different lawyers.

How Long They Have Been Practicing In The Field Of Injury Law?

The first question should be about their experience in personal injury law. Atlanta personal injury lawyers who are very experienced in other fields of law but have been practicing injury law for only the last three months do not make the right choice for you. You should focus on selecting those who have practical experience under their belt and are seasoned professionals, not novice ones. Younger lawyers may also have talent but all their skills are theoretical. Therefore, it is quite okay if they are executing some of the work in your case, but it is not wise at all to give them full case-management power.

Have They Ever Handled Cases Similar To Yours? How Many? Did They Win Those Cases?

The best Atlanta personal injury lawyers for you are obviously the ones who have handled many cases similar to yours and have impressive success record. By asking these questions, you can have a good idea about the proficiency and achievement rate of a potential attorney. For example, if it is a case of medical malpractice, you may like to know how much of their practice concentrates on medical malpractice cases like yours. Your personal injury lawyer must have specialization on the subject matter related to your specific case.

Do They Get Assistance From Other Legal Professionals?

You must also ask some specific questions to find out if the lawyers do everything alone or they get help from other legal professionals. Though it is quite okay to get assistance from a team of younger trainee lawyers and paralegals, your case should not be completely in hands of novice professionals. If the Atlanta personal injury lawyers you are interviewing do use additional legal professionals, you should request them that you want to have a brief meeting with those assistants. The idea is to evaluate them personally if they are proficient in their jobs.

What Are Their Policies Regarding Communications With The Clients?

The best attorneys are the ones who have less than 24-hour turnaround to respond to phone calls made by clients. Considering the very fact that there might be some unforeseeable circumstances, the 24-hour turnaround is quite reasonable, but if it is more than that, look out for another lawyer. Make sure that it is not just a verbal policy. The lawyer must be willing to provide you this policy in writing. In fact, it will be better if you get this policy drafted into your retainer agreement.

Overall, when you ask these questions, you can be in a better position to evaluate the services of different Atlanta personal injury lawyers and choose the most suitable attorney for your case. There is no need to hesitate; there is nothing wrong when you ask questions.