Four Things You Must Do While Choosing A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Though there are specific laws in every state regarding the cases of abuse in nursing home facilities, it is practically not easy for just anybody to handle the legal proceedings on their own unless they are an expert in this field of law. That is the reason why it is always better to get assistance from an experienced nursing home abuse attorney or a criminal expert – you can consider contacting Leppard Law: Florida DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC. The problem of elder abuse and neglect in these facilities is on the rise. The most unfortunate thing is that the abuse is not even reported in many cases. This mainly happens because of unawareness among people about the laws. You are strongly recommended never to leave such cases unreported. If you are confused on how to proceed with the legal actions, you always have an option to hire a nursing home neglect lawyer. The following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.

Identify The Type Of Abuse

Not all lawyers can handle all types of nursing home abuse cases. Patrick Courtney, fighting against domestic violence charges can help which such cases. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to identify the type of neglect or abuse that has occurred, such as whether the abuse is sexual, verbal, psychological, or physical. Before you contact an elder abuse attorney, you must also try to get all evidence and facts organized on your level. This way, the attorney will be able to do a quick analysis of your case and will be able to tell if you have a strong or weak case.

Do Some Basic Research

You are also advised to spend some time to acquire at least the basic understanding of how the state and federal laws work in these types of cases. You will able to make a more informed decision if you can find out whether similar lawsuits or complaints have already been filed against the same facility. All of this information will help you determine whether the lawyer you are considering hiring is the best one to handle your specific case.


Most attorneys offer the first consultation free of cost. You can take advantage of that and discuss your case with at least 3-4 lawyers one by one. While you are consulting with a nursing home abuse attorney, you must inquire about their specific qualifications and experience in this field of law. Considering the very fact that there are so many attorneys available out there, you may find it a daunting task to choose the best one out of them. This process will require you to do some basic research. You should be more careful while you are researching their credentials. Make sure that the lawyer you are considering hiring is duly licensed to practice law in your area. Look at the number of cases they handled and what their success rate is, especially in cases that are similar to yours. Ask for some references. You can also contact the local bar association to find out more information about the attorneys. If there have been complaints against a specific attorney, you must take it as an alert sign.

Comfort Level

You must also be comfortable working with the nursing home abuse attorney you are considering hiring. The best lawyer for you is the one who is not only highly qualified and experienced with a great success record but is also who is genuinely concerned about the problem of elderly abuse and is quite sympathetic to your case. Many attorneys talk to you only during the first consultation and when you sign an agreement, they leave your case for your assistants to handle and it becomes very difficult for you to access the attorney. Therefore, you must inquire about it clearly right in the very beginning whether they are easily accessible or not. A reputable attorney is not only easily accessible when you need them but is also willing to keep you updated with each and every development that takes place in your case.

Last, but not the least, before you hire a nursing home abuse attorney, make sure you have no confusion about the terms regarding their fees. In general, it is not wise to hire a lawyer who charges a hefty mount of money in advance. The best lawyer for your case is probably the one who charges their fee on a contingency basis, which means no win no fee. The contingent fee is typically applicable in cases where the lawyer is expecting to win you a certain amount of monetary compensation. The contingent fee is actually a certain percentage of that compensation that the lawyer keeps as their commission.