Kansas Drunk Driving Penalties

You may have to face certain Kansas drunk driving penalties, not just when you get cionvicted in a dui case but also when you refuse to take the chemical dui test when stopped by a traffic police. As per the Implied Consent Law in Kansas, refusing to take the test is as bad an offence as is driving under the influence of alcohol.

First Dui Conviction In Kansas

- The court is very much likely to order to you to attend a treatment program. Though it is not mandatory, if any such order is issued, you will also have to face any fees that are applicable for the enrollment in that program.
- Vehicle impound for a maximum period of twelve months (not mandatory, but very much likely)
- Your driving license will be suspended for one month. But, even after one month, only a restricted license will be issued to you for the next 330 days from the date of suspension. The restrictions will be removed after that period if you maintain a clean record.
- From $500 to $1000 of basic monetary fine.
- You will have to spend at least forty-eight hours in jail, but you can avoid the jail imprisonment by agreeing to participate in community service programs for at least 100 hours.

Second Dui Conviction In Kansas

The second time dui conviction may result in the following Kansas drunk driving penalties.

- This time, it will be mandatory to attend a court ordered treatment program
- Vehicle impound for a maximum period of one year (not mandatory again, but very much likely)
- You will face suspension of your driving license for twelve months. But, even after one year, you must first get an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle in order to be eligible to get your driving license back.
- The monetary fine, this time, will be a minimum $1000 to a maximum $1500
- The jail imprisonment period may range from just ninety days to twelve months.

Third Dui Conviction In Kansas

The third time conviction in a dui case in Kansas is a felony offence that attracts the same Kansas drunk driving penalties as for the second time with the following exceptions.

- The monetary fine is increased to a minimum $1500 and a maximum $2500.
- The jail term also remains the same (at least 90 days and maximum of twelve months), but the convict must serve for at least 72 consecutive hours prior to work release.

Fourth And Subsequent Dui Conviction In Kansas

The fourth and subsequent offences are also considered as felony, where the following penalties apply.

- Minimum $2500 of monetary fine
- The jail term ranges from six to twelve months, but this time the convict must serve at least 144 hours prior to work release. Besides that, the court also orders for a mandatory post-release supervision by Kansas Department of Corrections for a period of at least twelve months.
- Other Kansas drunk driving penalties remain the same as in second and third time dui conviction.