Maine Workers Compensation Laws

The Maine workers compensation laws have made certain tasks mandatory for the employers after an injury is reported to them. As soon as an employee reports an accident of occupational injury, the employer must file a first Report of Injury within seven days and provide a copy of the report to the injured employee. In case the employee is unable to return to work because of injury and thus loses one day of work, the report must also be filed with the occupational injury compensation board. If the employer fails to submit this report as required, the employee has the option to contact a Troubleshooter by visiting or calling a regional office of the Compensation Board.

Injury Reporting Requirements For Employees

The laws also mandate employees to report the incidents of work-related injuries of illnesses within ninety days. If they fail to meet this requirement, they may lose their right to get compensated.

Choice Of Doctor

As per Maine workers compensation laws, employer has the right to choose a physician for the treatment of the injured worker for the first ten days. It is then up to the worker to decide whether they want to continue with the same physician after the ten day period expires. If they are not satisfied with the treatment, they have the right to switch to another doctor of their choice. The employer will be liable to pay for the medical expenses in both cases.

Provisions Of Penalties

It is important to note that there are provisions of penalties under Maine workers compensation laws for both employees and employers. They can be penalized for an array of things, such as fraud or intentional misrepresentation, willful violations of the Workers’ Compensation Act, not filing required forms and reports, and other such things. There are specific penalties for employers if they fail to make the payment for the compensation benefits to the injured employees in a timely manner. Besides that if an employer is found guilty of discriminating against employees regarding the cases of occupational injuries, they can penalized additionally for this. In this case, however, an employee must first file a Petition to Remedy Discrimination.

Where To Get More Information?

You can contact any of the regional offices as mentioned below to get more information about the Maine workers compensation laws and what kind of legal options are available for you. The phone numbers and the addresses of the regional worker advocate offices are as follows.

Phone numbers – (207) 822-0840 or 800-400-6858 (Maine only)
Address – 62 Elm Street, Portland, Maine 04101-0840

Phone numbers – (207) 753-7700 or 800-400-6857 (Maine only)
Address – 36 Mollison Way, Lewiston, Maine 04240-7761

Phone numbers – (207) 498-6428 or 800-400-6855 (Maine only)
Address – One Vaughn Place, 10 Washburn Ave, Suite 110, Caribou, Maine 04736-2347

Phone numbers – (207) 941-4556 or 1-888-594-4556 (Maine Only)
Address – 106 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME 04401-5640

Phone numbers – 1-888-645-2266 (Maine Only) or (207) 287-2266
Address – 24 Stone Street, Augusta, ME 04330-5220