Nevada Workers Compensation Laws

Nevada workers compensation laws have made it mandatory for employers to carry occupational injury insurance coverage for all their employees. When a worker gets injured at the workplace, they become entitled for monetary benefits to cover the resulting medical expenses. Besides that, if the injured employee is unable to return to work because of any temporary or permanent disability caused by the injuries, the employer must also pay them a certain part of their salary to compensate the resulting wage loss.

Legal Obligations For Employers

As per Nevada workers compensation laws, all employers who have at least one worker must carry proper occupational injury insurance coverage. However, they have the option either to be self-insured or to buy the coverage from a Nevada based private insurance carrier. Some employers may qualify for certain exemptions as well. For example, if the employee is already covered under a private disability plan that ensures equal or higher benefits may not qualify for occupational injury compensation. Besides that, if the employer has brought some employees from another state on a temporary basis and if the employee thus brought is already covered for such things in his or here state, the employer can be exempted from the mandatory workers compensations insurance coverage. Employers can also qualify for exemptions in cases of casual employment, where the workers are either work less than twenty days or their wages are less than $500. In the construction business however, no exemptions are allowed.

Rights And Responsibilities Of Workers

Nevada workers compensation laws have provided certain legal rights to employees regarding occupational injuries. But, at the same time, employees have certain responsibilities as well. For example, they must meet the basic reporting requirements as specified under the laws. They must immediately inform their employers or at least the supervisors about the incident. If they do not report it properly in a timely manner, they may lose their right to be compensated for such injuries. There is also a maximum limit on occupational injury coverage, which is 66 2/3 % of the average weekly wages that the injured worker had been earning before the date of the accident. It is also important to keep in mind that the injured employees cannot select their own physicians or doctors. Instead, the treatment of the injuries must be sought from an authorized doctor who is a member of the Panel of occupational injury treatment physicians.

There are also provisions for penalties under Nevada workers compensation laws for those employers who fail to meet the insurance requirements. The penalties include an administration fee of up to $15000.