Obtaining Green Card In Canada

First of all, it is very important for you to understand that there is nothing like a green card in Canada. The term “green card” is used in the United States of America, and even there, the card that you get is not green in color. So, basically, the term is a misnomer. Still, people often use this term in the context of Canada as well; I will also use the same in this article to make things look less complex. Canada generally gives permits for temporary stay on specific grounds, but still, there can be several grounds on which a person can apply for permanent residency in this country. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.

Residency Through A Relative

When it comes to obtaining green card in Canada, the first thing you can do is to figure out if you can apply for permanent residency through a relative who is already a permanent citizen of this country. If you have no relative in Canada, things can be a little difficult and complex. There are generally six types of residency status that you can apply for – international adoption, Quebec-selected immigration, family class immigration, provincial nomination, business class, and the skilled workers class.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

This type of residency status is issued on the basis of the agreement between Quebec and the Canadian federal government. Once you obtain this type of immigration status, you can work and live in this country legally and safely. Quebec-selected immigration can be issued to sponsored refugees, families, temporary and permanent workers, and students.

Canadian Skills Test

You can maximize your chances of obtaining a permanent residency or “green card” in Canada by taking the Canadian skills test. The officials conducting the test will review your score, and on the basis of the score, they will then suggest you to fill out forms for a certain type of residency. As part of the test, you receive certain points for an array of things that include your family ties in Canada, your professional background, your age, the languages you speak fluently, and your education level. In order to qualify for a permanent residency, you must obtain a very high score in this test.

Complete The Paperwork

Once you know which type of residency you qualify to apply for, the next step is to complete the necessary paperwork. You will have to pay a certain amount of immigration fees when you submit the forms. The immigration fees change almost every year. The forms must accompany some essential documents that may include a medical certificate, birth certificates, reports on criminal check, employment details, and other such things. Once your forms are approved, you will be asked to attend an interview for “green card” in Canada.

Attending The Interview

You must be well prepared while you go for the interview. You must have all the answers ready in advance. If you hesitate in answering any question, the officials may doubt your intentions; it will leave an impression on them that you are doing something wrong. Besides that, you must also be very careful about the kind of dress you wear for the interview. Wear something simple, clean, and business casual. Avoid wearing anything peculiarly fashionable, such as with political slogans written on them.

It is very important to note that your performance at the interview is very crucial when it comes to getting approved for a permanent residency or “green card” in Canada.