Oklahoma Workers Compensation Laws

Oklahoma workers compensation laws have made it legally mandatory for all employers to carry occupational injury coverage to all employees. No waivers are allowed to anyone. Even those who have just one part-time worker must meet these insurance requirements. Failure to meet these requirements will attract certain penalty charges.

Penalty For Employers

If employers fail to obtain an adequate occupational injury compensation policy, it is considered as a violation of the laws and they are fined for this. For the first offence, the maximum penalty charge is $250 per worker. It means if an employer has four workers, they will have to pay a penalty of $1000. If the number of workers in 20, they will have to pay a penalty of $5000. However, if they obtain the policy within 30 days from the date when a warning is issued to them, the penalty is reduced to $75 per worker.

Choice Of Doctor

As per Oklahoma workers compensation laws, employers have the right to make the initial choice of doctor for the treatment of work-related injuries sustained by employees. If a worker decides to get the treatment from a physician of his or her own choice, they will be disqualified for any compensation benefits under the occupation injury compensation act. The employer must provide medical treatment under the supervision of a physician within three days from the date of the accident. But, if the injuries are very serious and if there is a threat to life or loss of limbs or if there is extreme pain, the worker can visit any physician of their own choice and get emergency care. In such cases, they will still be entitled for compensation benefits.

Unlike the laws applicable in other states, Oklahoma workers compensation laws do not impose any maximum limit on the monetary benefits. It in fact mandates employers to provide full medical coverage to the injured workers. Besides that, if the disability caused by the injuries do not allow workers to return to work and thus results in wage loss, the employers must also make payments to cover that loss of incom