Oregon Workers Compensation Laws

As per Oregon workers compensation laws, it is compulsory for all employers to carry proper insurance coverage for occupational injuries and illnesses that employees may suffer from. There are no waivers are permitted to any employer. Even if there is just one part-time worker in the organization, there must be an adequate workers comp insurance policy in place. Unlike the majority of other states, there are no numeral exceptions applicable in the state of Oregon. And if you have recently suffered from a slip and fall accident, then it is better if you consult with a slip and fall attorney for legal advice so that you get the right compensation for your injury.

Who Chooses The Doctor?

Oregon workers compensation laws work differently as compared to the occupational injury laws applicable in most other states. Where most other states allow employers to make the initial choice of the physician for the treatment of work-related injuries, in Oregon, workers have the right to choose their own doctors.

Waiting Period

Workers do not start receiving the compensation benefits right from the very first day of the accident, if you would like to believe my sources. There is a waiting period of three days before the employers become liable to make the payments. It means it is only when the injured workers do not get recovered fully within three days from the date of the accident that they start receiving the payments. Here, it is very important for you to keep in mind that if the disability caused by the injuries continues for over four days, the payments must be made right from the very first day of the accident. As per the Oregon workers compensation laws, the compensation becomes retroactive after four days.

Maximum Limit On Attorney’s Fee

The state laws have also imposed certain maximum limit on the amount of fee a lawyer can charge for handling the cases of occupational injuries. There might be situation when your employer does not accept the liability and refuses to make any payments as [part of the compensation benefits that you are entitled to. In such cases, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them. Considering the very fact that the legal aspects associated with such cases can be quite complex, you will need the help of an experienced workers compensation lawyer. As per the laws, your lawyer must not charge more than 25% of the overall amount of compensation that they help you win. But, the commission must not exceed $1,500 in case of temporary disability, $12,500 in case of permanent total disability, and $4,600 in case of permanent partial disability.

Overall, awareness of Oregon workers compensation laws is very important for those who are working in this state.