Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Laws

As per Pennsylvania workers compensation laws, it is mandatory for all employers provide insurance coverage to their employees against the incidents of occupational injuries or illnesses. However, the employers have the option to provide the insurance by through self-insuring, through a competitive state fund, or through a private insurance carrier. Even domestic servants and agricultural employees are entitled to compensation benefits in case they get injured while perform their tasks assigned to them by their employers.

Injury Reporting Requirements For Employees And Employers

Pennsylvania workers compensation laws have also specified that employers must report the accidents involving work-related injuries and illnesses once an employee misses one full shift of work because of the disability thus caused. In case of deaths, employers must submit the reports within forty-eight hours. Employees can enhance their chances of receiving compensation benefits by reporting such incidents promptly. As soon as you get injured, you must notify your supervisor or employer about the same. If you cannot do it on your own, you can ask a family member or a colleague to file the reports on your behalf. If you fail to report the injuries within four months, you may be disqualified from compensation benefits.

Occupational Diseases

Pennsylvania workers compensation laws provide protection to employees not only against work-related injuries but also against diseases caused by hazardous factors that the workplace is exposed to. The damage done by such diseases are often diagnosed at a very later stage. Sometimes, you leave the job and then finally get to know that you are suffering from certain occupational diseases. In that case, even if you are not working for that employer anymore, you will still be eligible for compensation benefits from them. However, there are certain limitations also, which usually vary depending upon the kind of disease. For majority of diseases, you will qualify for compensation benefits only if the disease is diagnosed within three hundred weeks from the date when you were last exposed to the harmful substances on the job.

Choice Of Doctor

Pennsylvania workers compensation laws provide this right to employers, but they are required to provide you a list of at least six doctors to choose from. For the first three months, you must receive treatments from the doctor thus chosen. If you use a doctor of your own choice, which is not in the employer’s list, you may lose your right to claim for occupational injury compensation.

However, there can be exceptions. For example, if your employer fails to provide you any such list or the list does not contain any specialist doctor that you need for the specific injuries or illnesses you are suffering from, Pennsylvania workers compensation laws allow you to choose your own doctor.