Personal Bankruptcy Attorney : Freedom From Debt

A personal bankruptcy attorney, as the term suggests, is a legal professional who offers Debt relief legal services and helps individuals with their specific bankruptcy cases. There are two main chapters in the bankruptcy code that deal with this sort of bankruptcy. These chapters are chapter 7 and chapter 13. The chapter 7 describes the laws pertaining to total elimination of all sorts of debts, excluding a few exceptions, such as students loan.

On the other hand, the chapter 13 leaves some scope for the debtors to continue with their existing business venture while repaying the reduced amounts of debts simultaneously as per the repayment plan as suggested by the bankruptcy court.

Hiring An Attorney

No matter which type of personal bankruptcy you are considering to go for, it is very important for you to find a good resource on iva’s, overview what you need and hire the best bankruptcy attorney to handle your case. When debts cross its limit, they become a huge burden and eventually result in mental harassment. You lose peace of mind and the collection calls contribute more in this mental harassment. In such cases, where no alternative option is available to you, filing for personal bankruptcy may make a good choice for you. By hiring an expert and experienced personal bankruptcy attorney who can ensure you your estate, you not only ensure a guaranteed freedom from financial and mental harassment, but you also get an excellent opportunity to make a fresh beginning.

The Reason For Filing Personal Bankruptcy

There can be a variety of reasons to file for personal bankruptcy, such as accidents, sudden illness entailing major medical expenses, child support expenses, divorce proceedings, credit card misuse, and much more. A chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will first look into the reasons that forced you on the path of bankruptcy. The lawyers will study your case and they will get a solution for you on the basis of the facts and figures that pushed you towards this difficult and painful situation. Therefore, you should not try to hide any facts from your lawyer. Always remember the popular saying that one should never tell a lie to a doctor, teacher, and a lawyer. Any such attempt from your part will make your case weak and it will create unnecessary complications for you.

You also need to understand that you cannot hire a business bankruptcy attorney to handle bankruptcy cases of individuals because they are specialized professionals to handle only business cases. The specialization of the lawyers matters a lot. For individual cases, the right choice is to hire a personal bankruptcy attorney.