Running A Bar? Do You Have The Required Business Licenses?

In order to operate a bar business legally, you need certain licenses as required by state and federal statute. You need business licenses for an array of things, such as health, fire, liquor, alcohol beverage, and others. Operating a bar entails a wide range of legal and bureaucratic hoops that you need to jump through. The process of meeting all legal requirements for this type of business is more tedious, complex, and time consuming as compared to other businesses. After all, besides the federal laws, every state has specific additional laws that you must comply with. Add to this the very fact, the laws in different states vary significantly. So, roll up your sleeves and do a thorough review to find out if you are running your bar legally.

Basic License And Registration

To start with, you need the basic business licenses from the city or county your bar is located in. Besides that, many states have made it mandatory for you to get additional state licenses. So, check with your State Department if your state falls under such category. As per the Public Law 109-59, you must also fill the form TTB F 5630.5d and get your bar registered with the TTB (Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau).

Alcohol Beverage

The bar industry is also governed by Alcohol Beverage Control Boards. You must contact the state board in order to get educated on the specific rules applicable in your city or county regarding the sale and purchase of alcohol or any event that involves the use of alcohol. These boards have been set up by the federal government. Depending upon the location of your bar and the kind of services and products your bar offers, you may need to obtain some additional specialty business licenses.

Liquor License

Your bar must also have a liquor license; this is one of the basic legal requirements. Without this license, your bar will be treated as an illegal business and you may have to face legal consequences for this. You can contact the county clerk’s office to obtain this license. Here, it is also important to note that different types of bars require different licenses. For example, you will need a tavern license for bars that are considered to be taverns. Likewise, if your bar is a part of a restaurant that serves hard alcohol, wine, and beer, you will need to obtain an all-liquor license. If you are not sure about the right type, you must first inquire about it thoroughly.

Last, but not the least, you will also need business licenses issued by local fire and health departments. The authorities from these departments will inspect your bar and will make sure that safety arrangements are up to the standard. If yes, they will issue you certificates.