Arizona Worker’s Compensation Laws

Arizona worker’s compensation laws have also been designed with an objective to protect the rights and interests of both the employees as well as the employers in cases where an employee asks for compensation claiming the injured caused to him or her are work-related or have been caused by factors, which the employer is responsible for. If the claim is a genuine one, the Arizona laws ensure an appropriate amount of compensation to the injured employee. On the other hand, if it is determined that the injuries suffered by the employee are not work-related or that the employee is filing a false claim, the claim is denied. The laws also provide an option for the employer to obtain a worker’s compensation insurance policy that should cover the compensation payments wherever applicable. However, if we look at the overall laws, it can be said that the Arizona laws are in favor of the employees, as the laws prefer that the compensation must be rewarded to the employee on a no-fault basis, which means if the employee has got injured at the workplace, the compensation must be issued to the employee regardless of the fact that who was at fault – the employee or the employer.