The Procedure Of Adopting A Child Through Closed Adoption

In closed adoption, the adoptive parents and the birth parents do not get in contact with each other – neither during the process or after the adoption is finalized. The process takes place with the help of a licensed agency. The birth parents who want to put the child for adoption contact this agency and then the agency searches for an appropriate adoptive parent for the child. This process was very common during the 1980s, but many people still prefer this option. If you are considering adopting a child using this method, you will have to follow a certain procedure.

Review Your Reasons Why You Prefer This Method

When it comes to adopting a child through closed adoption, the first thing you have to do is to review your reasons why you want to go for this option. A common situation is when you find that the birth parents are alcohol or drug addict or that their behavior with the child is quite abusive. If this is the case, your reason is quite justified why you do not want to have any contact with the birth parents during or after the process of adoption. This method is often preferred in most international adoptions.

Study The Various Aspects Of This Method

Before you make a final decision in this regard, it will be a wise idea to get yourself educated on the different aspects associated with the provision of closed adoption. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to decide if adopting using this method is the right choice in your case. Make sure you review other methods also, as it will get you a better picture on what is most suitable for you.

Understand The Financial Aspects

Depending upon which type of child you are adopting and from which place, the cost of the process may range from just none to thousands of dollars. For example, if you are adopting a child from a foreign country, you must be willing to spend a significantly very high amount of money. Adopting a domestic infant is also often very expensive. However, adopting an older domestic child should cost you almost nothing. Your selection of the adoption agency also plays an important role in this regard.

Choose A Government Agency

To be on a safer side, you are recommended to follow the procedure with the help of a Government-approved agency that specializes in closed adoption. You can get a list of these agencies by contacting your local Child Welfare Department.

Set An Appointment And Attend The Initial Meeting

Once you choose a suitable agency, the next step is to get an appointment and attend the meeting with an objective to know more about the various aspects of adopting a child using this method. If you have already made up your mind and are firm in your decision, you can get the process started by filing out preliminary paperwork.

Attend Workshops And Classes

If you are going through the process with the help of a state agency, you will also be required to attend some pre-adoption workshops and classes. This will help you make preparations to bring a new child to your home. You will also get a clear idea on how the process works in closed adoption.

Get A Home Study Conducted By An Authorized Professional

The agency will also appoint an authorized person or a group of persons (usually social workers) to conduct home study in order to make sure your home is a safe and nice place for the child you are adopting.

You will then receive a list of children who are waiting to be adopted. You can browse through their personal details and photographs. You can also meet them in person. You can have as many meetings with the children as you want. Once you finalize the child, you can complete the necessary paperwork for closed adoption. The child will be officially yours only after you receive a court order in this regard.