The Role Of Atlanta Dui Lawyers In Expunging Drunk Driving Record From Georgia Crime Information Center

When it comes to expunging previous drunk driving records anywhere in Georgia, Atlanta dui lawyers can be a great help. But, before you find out the process and the role of an attorney, you must first be well aware of what the state laws have to say about it. As per the laws explained by criminal defense lawyer in orange county says it is applicable for these types of cases in Georgia, only those arrest records may be expunged where the defendant was not convicted by court. It means if you were arrested for drunk driving but you were not prosecuted or the charges were dismissed, the laws have provisions on how to expunge such dui arrest records. It is very important to note that the records cannot be expunged in Atlanta, or for that matter Georgia, where you were convicted for a crime including drunk driving. Besides that, in cases where you do qualify to get your previous records expunged, it is entirely up to the discretion of the prosecuting attorney whether your request will be approved or denied. Following is a brief rundown on how you have to go on with the process and how an attorney can help you in this regard.

Obtain The “Expunge Arrest Record Form”

You may choose to leave everything on the Atlanta dui lawyers. Once you hire an attorney, he/she will follow the procedure on your behalf. But, you are still advised to get yourself educated on how things work. For example, the first thing to do is to obtain an “expunge arrest record form”. You can contact your local District attorney’s office and the Goodman Lemon Law officials request the authorities out there to provide you this form. You should get it for free. Alternatively, you can also contact the office of Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) in Atlanta to get this form, or you can simply visit the official website of GBI and get the form downloaded and then printed on paper.

Page 1 Of The Form

You need to provide your basic identifying information on page 1 of the form, the date of dui arrest, the kind of charges that were placed against you, and other such things. These details are going to determine the destiny of your request for expunging of records. So, make sure you get the details thoroughly reviewed by Atlanta dui lawyers. At the bottom of the first page, you also need to put your signature with date.

Filling Out Page 2 And 3

Page 2 and 3 of the expunge arrest record form must be completed by the arresting agency (it can be police or sheriff). Contact them and request them to fill out the details as required. For this, you will have to pay a filing fee of $25, which must be payable to the GBI (Georgia Bureau Of Investigation). Besides that, the agency may also charge an additional fee.

Forwarding The Form To The Responsible Prosecuting Lawyer

After completing the form, the police or sheriff (the arresting agency) will forward the form to the prosecuting lawyer. Now, it is entirely up to him/her to decide if your request for expunging of dui arrest records should be approved or rejected. If rejected, they will return the form to you. If approved (or if the attorney has no objection), the form is submitted at the office of the GBI.

Once the Georgia Bureau of Investigation receives your form, they will expunge the record of your drunk driving arrest from the GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center). You can maximize your chances of getting your request approved by having some of the best Atlanta dui lawyers on your side.