US Immigrant Visa Interview – Some Very Common Questions That Are Asked

There are several different types of questions that are asked during a US immigrant visa interview. You must obtain an immigrant visa from the US government if you have to visit the United States of America for an extended period of time. Once you fill out the necessary forms and submit an application in this regard, you are called for an interview in the immigration office. It is a crucial part of the process. The officers will ask you a wide array of questions. Whether your application is approved or rejected depends very much on how you answer to their questions. Your answers are reviewed thoroughly in order to get a better idea whether it can be safe to allow you to enter the country. In theory, you may not find anything wrong about this interview, not something you should worry about. But, in practical, it often turns out to be a nerve-wracking experience. Even though you are willing to answer everything honestly, sometimes you may find yourself in a dilemma on what to answer because the questions are asked in a very tricky manner. Therefore, it is very important for you to be well prepared in advance before you go to attend such an interview. Following is a brief rundown on some of the most common questions that you can expect.

Is This The First Time You Are Visiting A Foreign Country?

Though there is no specific order to ask questions during a US immigrant visa interview, this is one of the most common questions that are often asked to the applicants. If you have visited other foreign countries before and are able to prove through documents that you have a successful track record of visiting other countries and the returning to your home country. If you have already visited US before without any issues, it is a great plus for you. Such track records actually convince the US immigration officers that you have no intentions of abandoning your home country. Here, it is very important for you to keep in mind that whatever answers you give is thoroughly investigated later. If at any stage, the officers find that you told a lie or tried to manipulate the facts or didn’t tell the entire truth, your application is very much likely to be rejected. Therefore, you must be very truthful in your answers.

Questions About Your Family

While you are attending a US immigrant visa interview, you should also expect several questions related to your family members. You may simply be asked to tell about your family. Further questions may automatically be generated when you start telling about your family, such as Why’s and How’s. You must provide the details about your family in a way (in a truthful way) that should convince the officers that you have a family waiting for you in your native country, which is a strong reason why you must come back. Do not just provide this information verbally; it is better to show them documents related to the identity of your family and how you are tied to them. You must expect a lot of additional questions, as the officers will be trying to investigate deeper if whatever you are saying is completely true. For example, if you are telling them about your sister, you may be asked questions about her residence, her employment, date of birth, and other such things.

Will You Have A Permanent Location During Your Stay In The US?

During the US immigrant visa interview, you are also likely to be asked about the place where you are going to stay in the US. Is this a permanent place, such as a relative’s or friend’s home? If you are able to demonstrate that you are going to have a permanent location and are also able to provide a point of contact where the officers can get in touch with you during your stay, it will maximize your chances of getting your application for the visa approved.

Is There Someone Who Is Sponsoring You?

Students who want to visit the US for a certain period of time to attend a school must expect questions about who is sponsoring their visit to the US. You may even be asked to show proof of financial support.

Overall, there can be a wide array of questions that you may be bombarded with when you attend a US immigrant visa interview. So, if you want to get your application for the visa approved, you must get prepared in advance.