Vermont Drunk Driving Penalties

Considering the very fact that all dui cases are not the same and that plenty of factors are taken into consideration by the court, you are advised to discuss your case with an experienced Utah dui attorney. A professional lawyer who specializes in this field of law can get you a more accurate evaluation on what kind of Vermont drunk driving penalties might be applicable in your case. Following is a brief rundown on the potential penalties and punishments that are generally imposed upon a dui conviction in the state of Utah.

First Dui Conviction In Vermont

A dui offence committed for the first time is treated as a Class B misdemeanor and attracts the following Vermont drunk driving penalties.

- You will lose your driving license for a period of three months; license can be reinstated after completing a therapy program, a treatment assessment, and an Alcohol and Driving Education Program.
- At least two consecutive days in jail. In some cases, the court may also offer you an option to substitute jail imprisonment by home confinement (electronic monitoring) or by participation in a compensatory work service program for forty-eight hours.
- You will also have to pay up to $750 as monetary fine

Second Dui Conviction In Vermont

The second conviction generally imposes the following Vermont drunk driving penalties.

- Your driving license will be revoked for a period of eighteen months. You will have to complete Alcohol and Driving Rehabilitation Program in order to get your license reinstated after the suspension period is over.
- Up to two years in jail imprisonment (at least 60 consecutive hours in jail is mandatory)
- At least 200 hours in a specific community service program
- Up to $1500 as monetary fine
- At least $160 as dui surcharge

Third Dui Conviction In Vermont

If the third conviction occurs within ten years of the previous offence, it attracts Vermont drunk driving penalties for third degree felony charges.

- Attending a specific substance abuse program as per court order
- Screening and assessment
- Permanent license suspension;
- You may be allowed to apply for a restricted license after three years, but in order to qualify for the same, you will have to pay $500 as application fee and will also have to submit a proof of total abstinence from the consumption of alcohol and drugs and will also have to complete a therapy program
- You will also be sent to jail for a maximum period of five years. At least 1000 Consecutive Hours of Imprisonment is mandatory.
- 400 hours of community service
- Your vehicle is also likely to be forfeited and sold at auction
- At least $160 as dui surcharge
- Up to $2500 of monetary fine

Additional Penalties

The court awards harsher penalties if certain aggravating factors are involved in your case, such as a minor passenger in the vehicle, accidents causing bodily injury, or driving with a BAC level of 0.16 or above. If drunk driving causes an accident that results in someone’s death, the convict will serve up to fifteen years in prison and pay up to $10000 as monetary fine. If the accident results in serious injuries, not death, the penalties will include up to fifteen years in jail imprisonment and up to $5000 as monetary fine.

As per the implied consent law applicable in the state of Vermont, the refusal to take the field sobriety test also results in additional Vermont drunk driving penalties. The first time refusal attracts immediate suspension of driving license for six months; harsher penalties are applicable for second and subsequent refusals.