Vermont Workers Compensation Laws

Vermont workers compensation laws have been designed in such a way that provides protection to both employees as well as employers in cases of occupational injuries and illnesses. Injured workers have the legal right to claim for compensation benefits. But, at the same time, the laws also limit the extent of the liability of employers on the basis of an array of factors. It is mandatory for all employers to carry adequate amount of insurance coverage in this regard. There are no numerical exceptions to this legal requirement but waivers are permitted in specific cases.

Maximum Limit On Lawyer’s Fee

Despite the very fact that Vermont workers compensation laws are generally in favor of employees, injured workers, in most cases, have to hire an attorney to file a compensation claim. That is the reason why the laws have also imposed a maximum limit on the amount of money a lawyer can charge for handling these types of cases. As per the state laws applicable in Vermont, the attorneys must not charge more than 20% of the total amount of compensation received as their commission, but in any case, it should not be more than $9000 regardless of how high the amount of the compensation benefits is.

Waiting Period And Retroactive Compensation

As per Vermont workers compensation laws, information of which you can find if you look at this website, an injured worker becomes eligible for monetary benefits only if the disability caused by the work-related injuries or illnesses continues for at least three days. If they get recovered and become fit enough to return to work within less than three days, no compensation benefits will be issued to them. But, this rule is applicable in case of temporary total disability only. If it is a severe injury and have resulted in permanent disability, the employer must start making the payments right from the very first day. Besides that, in any case, if the disability caused by the injuries continues for over seven days, the compensation becomes retroactive, which means the payment for the first three days will also be made by the employer. It is also important to note that the amount of money received by the injured employee as part of this insurance program must cover both medical expenses as well as income loss resulting from absence from work.

As per Vermont workers compensation laws, the initial selection of the doctor is made by employer. But, after a certain period of time as specified under the laws, the injured worker may be allowed to switch to any other doctor of his or her choice.