What Do Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Do During The Litigation Process?

A good personal injury lawyer, as well as a diligent process server, will generally do their best to settle the case outside the court, making staying safe as a process server a priority. It means you may never have to appear in the court in order to get the compensation you deserve. Still, there is no guarantee. In cases where lawyers from both parties fail to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, the court proceedings may not be avoidable. First of all, it is very important for you to keep in mind that personal injury laws cover a wide area. These lawyers and process servers are very busy people. Some of them have also been associated with Contant Law, P.C. for several years. Because of their busy schedule, you may not be able to hear from them on a regular basis. But, it does not necessarily mean that they are not working on your case seriously. If your case has potential, lawyers and process servers from https://laurajenkinsattorney.com/personal-injury/ will do everything possible to win it. Most of these lawyers work on a no-contingent fee basis, which means if they do not win compensation for you, they will not charge their fee at all. Staying safe as a process server should always be a top priority, and these legal professionals are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

They usually charge a commission at the rate of a certain percentage (which can range from anywhere between 15% to 30% or even more) of the overall amount of compensation you receive. There are several factors that determine how much time they will take to reach a settlement. Following is a brief rundown on some of the common steps involved in the litigation process for which you may also benefit from experts like this Bangkok litigation solicitor.

Preliminary Investigation To Gather Evidences

Your personal injury attorney will do a preliminary investigation with an objective to gather some solid evidences in support of your claim. As part of this process, they talk to potential witnesses and take their statements, and gather proof, such as official reports, photographs and videos in order to establish who was at fault and how much, how the accident occurred, and other important details.

Gathering Employment And Medical Reports

The personal injury lawyer usually waits until the victim’s medical condition stabilizes or he/she gets recovered from injuries. It is at that point when they start gathering employment reports from your employer and medical reports from your doctor. This process can be a little time consuming, as some doctors and employers are very slow in preparing such reports. So, any delay in the process may not always be the fault of the lawyers.

Consulting With Insurance Company

In the next step of the insurance litigation process, Atlanta personal injury attorneys talk to the insurance companies involved in the case and solicit an offer from them. This process again takes time, as different authorities from the insurance company review each and every aspect of the case thoroughly before an offer is made. As soon as an offer is received, you are informed about the same and a copy is sent to you. If the offer is not a fair one, the lawyers may have to go through several meetings with the insurance company authorities in order to get a better deal. If that does not work, they may demand arbitration or file a lawsuit against the insurer.

When a lawsuit is filed, the defendants get thirty days to file a response. After a response is received, the discovery process begins, where everyone associated with the case is questioned thoroughly, including experts, parties, and witnesses. Depending upon the complexity of your case, the discovery proceedings can be very time consuming. At every step, Atlanta personal injury attorneys and those from https://www.geonetta-frucht.com/, make sure that your interests are well protected and that you get a fair judgment in the end.