What You Always Wanted To Know About Criminal Law

There is no excuse to crime. Broadly speaking, there are two types of crimes. The first form is crime against ‘State’, like treason and espionage. Another form is crime against ‘person’, like assault, kidnapping, murder etc. In both types of crime, the federal government files a criminal law suit against accused, in the court of law.

Why Criminal Law?

The criminal law is the most effective tool for maintaining social control. This law explains criminal offences and its intricacies in extensive details. It also chalks out the punishment meant for each offence. As per US constitution, the punishment is common to all, without any discrimination based on class or status. The Law also gives an equal opportunity to the accused for representation of his case. For example, someone who is accused of a drug-related crime gets the chance to hire a drug crime attorney to put forward his case for defense. There are certain types of criminal offenses, where the Law is itself sufficient to punish the guilty. These special crimes are drug abuse or weapon related crimes that are also called ‘strict liability crimes’. In some other special cases, the US Constitution held guilty those people, who might not be directly related to crime. These crimes are terrorism, conspiracy and sexual harassment. The punishment can be either imprisonment or penalties or both.

The role of an assault lawyer assumes a larger importance, since the law needs to hear arguments from either side before proclaiming someone guilty. However, before a crime takes to court, there are several steps to criminal justice process. These steps are initial investigations, followed by arrests and interrogation. Then the complaint is lodged by State in court of Law. In court, the criminal lawyer follows indictment and bail plea negotiation. The final steps being trial, verdict and appeal against the verdict.

A good defense attorney can easily get bail for the client. He or she can help you find a professional bail bondsman or a good bail bond agent so you can post bail at once. Subsequently, if the accused is proved guilty of the crime, he would argue to appear case as incidental and not intentional, thereby reducing the court sentence as much as possible. It makes more sense to hire a lawyer having expertise in handling identical crimes. The lawyer will be able to use the best of his abilities and skills to handle the cases of his expertise. If you also want to have your mugshot removed from the internet, you may visit sites like https://removemugshots.com.

It is an accepted fact that, Judiciary process is pretty complex and very puzzling. It might be tough for the common person to understand the minute intricacies of Law. However, keeping a basic understanding of Law is always helpful, and especially the Criminal Law. Because, you never know when can Law catch you off guard.