Wyoming Workers Compensation Laws

According to an employment attorney who is an expert in workers compensation laws, all employers are legally required to carry proper insurance coverage to ensure monetary benefits to those employees who suffer from occupational injuries. The employers engaged in extra-hazardous occupations particularly must carry this insurance plan. They can buy the coverage either from a private insurance carrier or choose to be self insured. There is a set legal procedure that they must follow in this regard. It is also important to note that not all employers can choose to be self-insured, as there are certain eligibility criteria set by the laws to qualify for the same. There are no numerical exceptions to this legal requirement and even waivers are also not permitted.

No Waiting Period For Medical Benefits

Wyoming workers compensation laws require employers to ensure immediate medical care to injured employees. All medical expenses must be paid by the employer right from the first day of the accident. In case, employers refuse to pay the same, employees have the right to file a compensation claim. The burden of the proof will be on the employers; they will have to prove in the court that the accident was not work-related and that they have taken adequate safety measures at the workplace. They will have to prove that the injuries occurred because of the negligence of the employee only. Since this matter will have to be resolved through the legal system, the employee should look for a workers compensation lawyer that can assist in doing so.

Waiting Period For Wage Loss Benefits

However, Wyoming workers compensation laws have imposed a 3-day waiting period before an injured worker can qualify for wage loss benefits. For the first three days of absence from work because of the disability caused by occupational injuries or illnesses, no income loss is benefits are paid. But, if the disability continues for over three days, the employer must compensate for the resulting wage loss also form the fourth day. Here, it is also important to note that the compensation for income loss becomes retroactive if the disability continues for over eight days. It means if the injured worker is unable to return to work even after eight days, the wage loss compensation for the first three days must also be paid to them.

Wyoming workers compensation laws have not imposed any common maximum ceiling on how much workers compensation attorneys can charge to handle these types of cases. The lawyers fee is determined on an individual case basis.