How To Find A Divorce Lawyer?

You are clueless when you start to find a divorce lawyer. There are plenty of lawyers in the market and to find the right divorce attorney from among them can be a challenging task. You can go by referrals from business associates or families who have your best interests in mind.

An online divorce attorney who has articles published on his website could be a prudent choice. These articles will give you an insight on their success stories and their experience in the field of law. Several reviews posted by the past clients will also give you a picture about their credibility.

Once you find a divorce attorney, you can check his/her official bar membership record which will include the address, phone number, and marks on professional reputation. You can even use the certified lawyer referral services to steer you in the right direction. There are also several agencies offering free legal advice and basic legal resources. There are several advertisements posted for lawyers of all types. Be sure to do a thorough check before you zero in on a certain attorney.


As you look to find a divorce lawyer and experienced civil litigation attorneys, interview them with several questions about their credibility and status, you have to understand that you are also being equally scrutinized. The attorney may or may not want to accept you as a client as he/she may look upon you as a problem maker. Some tips to be an acceptable client -

•Avoid bad mouthing other lawyers – Talking ill about other lawyers may not present you as a very acceptable client. A good lawyer is not one who will have to always win a case for you. He is one who sees that he is presenting reasonable and logical arguments on your behalf to the Judge. Sometimes the Judge can also take an unfavorable decision. Clients who tend to bad mouth are those with unrealistic expectations and demands.
•Avoid excessive focus on money – A competent lawyer will not drag on a case to increase his fees. He will be willing to answer your questions regarding any amount raised on the bill. You need to adjust and accept the expense you will incur with an attorney. If you question about every cent billed, you can be a nuisance to the lawyer.

Experienced family law attorney will appreciate and respect clients who have within reach demands and a reasonable understanding of the divorce process. You cannot always be a winner in a legal case. The best outcome is to have as little damage as possible in your divorce case. Clients with this understanding are desirable clients for any competent divorce attorney.