Immigration Law – What You Should Know

What is immigration law and who is an immigration attorney? The article will give you the answers to these questions.

Immigration Law Explained

Immigration laws govern the immigration practices of a country. They are different in different countries. You have to go by the rules of immigration of a particular country that you wish to migrate to. They also control illegal immigration. There can be a whole chapter written about illegal immigration. We will discuss it some other time. Immigration laws depend on the social and economic climate prevailing at the time in that country. The foreign policy of the country also makes a difference to the immigration laws. The laws are created and executed by separate government bodies. It is usually the Department of Immigration that regulates immigration law.

The immigration law of a country defines the legal rights and duties of the person who wishes to migrate. It is only under certain circumstances that immigration will be approved. The law defines these circumstances. It specifies the eligibility of the immigrant. Thus, the obligations of the person are clearly stated in the immigration laws of the land. The laws are regularly revised or amended depending on the prevailing situation at that time.

Why You May Require An Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is very complicated and common people find it difficult to understand the formalities of immigration. In such a situation if you wish to immigrate to another country it is advisable to get yourself the best immigration attorney. While an attorney gives counsel in legal matters, an immigration attorney counsels clients in legal matters pertaining to immigration. Therefore, instead of wasting a lot if time and money and giving yourself heartache and stress, you should take the guidance of an immigration law attorney. Good attorneys know their job well. They understand immigration law; they know the right people and they possess credibility. They must have a good number of years of experience behind them to qualify to be the best immigration law attorneys in the business.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association

AILA or the American Immigration Lawyers Association is a good place to get your self an attorney of some standing. This is the professional bar association of lawyers who specialize in immigration. If a lawyer wishes to join AILA then for at least three years, before the time of the application, he should not have been suspended by any court, bar association, administrative agency or other disciplinary authority.

That was some information on immigration law and immigration attorneys. Never fear, ask your immigration attorney questions, after all you are the client, so probe till you are satisfied that the attorney is the right one for you.