Should You Hire An Atlanta Family Attorney To Deal With A Divorce And Child Custody Case In Georgia?

The divorce and child custody laws can be very complicated. It may not be an easy task to handle such cases on your own. You probably need an expert legal representative. A child custody lawyer who is duly licensed to represent these types of cases can be a good choice for you, as these lawyers have better reputation in handling similar cases. The court first orders the parents to talk to each other and try to reach a mutually agreeable agreement regarding the visitation and custody of the child. It is only after such negotiations do not work when the court issues an order explaining the custody arrangement and other terms.

The Final Decision Must Be In The Best Interest Of The Child

The laws have been designed in such a way that makes sure that the final decision (whether it is a mutual agreement or a court order) is in the best interest of the child. Protection of the child’s interest is the most important factor to consider. Other factors that are taken into consideration include physical and psychological status of the parents and the child, history of the relationship of the parents with the child (such as which of them used to be the primary caretaker of the child during the marriage), and other such things. When you hire an experienced child custody lawyer, you can get detailed information on how to prepare to maximize your chances of getting a favorable judgment while making sure that your interests and rights are also well protected.

Temporary Custody

There are usually three types of custody that are offered in Atlanta, Georgia – sole legal custody, joint legal custody, and temporary custody. Temporary custody is often granted to a parent in a situation where the judgment in the divorce case is yet to come. The court may order one of the parents to take custody of the child for a temporary period until the divorce proceedings are complete. The other parent gets temporary visitation rights on certain terms.

Sole Legal Custody

Sole legal custody is granted in rare cases. Atlanta laws usually do not prefer it, but in extreme cases, there can be exceptions. In this type of custody, only one parent becomes the sole authority to stay with the child and make decisions for him/her. The other parent does not even get the visitation rights. For example, this type of court order is very much likely in cases where the other parent is not available. Sometimes, things might turn out to be quite unfair for one parent. That is the reason why you must have a good child custody lawyer on your side to represent you.

Joint Legal Custody

This is the most common type, and Georgia laws usually prefer this option. As the term suggests, this type of custody gives both the parents certain rights, such as they both can take part when it comes to making decisions for a minor child. But, despite that, the primary residential custody of the child is given to just one parent only. The other parent gets certain rights to visit the child regularly.

If the court orders are violated in future, things can become very complex. The guidance and representation from an expert Atlanta family attorney can be crucial in such cases.