Success Story of Atlantic Coast Media Group, Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley

Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley are the co-founders and Co-CEOs of Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG)- a company that is making waves in the U.S. consumer products market. Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, ACMG, as the company is popularly known, is one of the fastest growing multichannel developers, supplying products aimed at the baby boomer demographic. When they were starting their company, they may have opted for essential services like the file boi report in wyoming.

Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley, with their powerful leadership and exemplary style of management, has led the company through a growth curve that is unprecedented in recent times. The dynamic leader has ensured that ACMG does not just remain a direct response company but focuses on the needs of their customers and delivers to the highest levels of satisfaction.

Mainly targeting the core baby boomer segment of the market, Atlantic Coast Media Group has taken upon itself the huge responsibility of developing and providing information and proprietary products, which makes our lives that much easier to enjoy.

The co-founders and Co-CEOs, Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley have valuable expertise of handling various entrepreneurial projects in their long and distinguished careers before starting ACMG. Andrew Surwilo is credited with creating and deploying innumerable fee-based continuity programs, all of which have been huge commercial successes. He is also gaveshape and structure to businesses that ran on business software applications.

Andrew Surwilo was also the moving force behind Premiere Fitness and Welfare, a fee-based lifestyle program. The project was a stupendous success, generating over 400,000 members and $25 million in revenue in a short period of 12 months. He also started the Mercanti Systems, featuring the Buy Nearby campaign, a unique program that enables in-store fulfillment of online purchase requirements. Andrew Surwilo is also credited with developing and implementing for Dreyfus Corporation, one of the most successful customer retention programs.

ACMG has emerged as one of the fastest growing consumer products company in the U.S. due to its robust direct response programs. The marketing strategy has enabled the company to launch and market premium brands successfully through profitable media channels that include television, radio, print media, direct mail, telemarketing, and online resources.

The company has achieved proficiency in conceptualizing and developing products and ensuring that the products roll out from their manufacturing processes in the shortest possible time. The company leverages its in-house product development capabilities to its optimum level and has the best marketing brains to make sure that their marketing objectives meet and exceed in every single product launch.

ACMG has assembled a team of professionals who are all performers of the highest order in their respective fields. The company has developed a winning strategy where the marketing goals are achieved in the fastest possible time by utilizing the minimum of resources.

The biggest brand name from ACMG is of course Hydroxatone, a skincare line that is capturing the beauty segment of the market at a stupendous rate. Already a $130-million brand, it has helped the company leapfrog over established competitors, registering its presence as the 29th fastest growing company in the consumer sector on the prestigious Inc. 500 list.

The company is today recognized as one of the biggest success stories in the U.S. in recent times. It is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the beauty and wellness industry in the U.S. today.