Bankruptcy Laws

When a person cannot pay the debts, he/she can use bankruptcy as an option, as per which the court makes certain arrangements in order to protect the interests of both the debtor as well as the creditors. Where debtors get an opportunity to get rid of the mounting debt problems, creditors get their money back. However, this is not an easy option at all. It should be better considered as a last option rather than an easy option. When nothing else works, you can use this method to get out of the debt trap.

How to Calculate the Value of Properties in Bankruptcy Exemptions?

There are specific provisions for bankruptcy exemptions in both state and federal laws. You don’t lose everything even if you go bankrupt. When a person files a petition under chapter 7, all his/her assets are liquidated except for the ones that are legally exempted, such as home, car, household goods, retirement savings, jewelries and many other such things up to certain limit. However, in order to make the best use of these exemptions, you must know how to calculate the value of properties the right way.