Florida Drunk Driving Penalties

In Florida, the term BAL (blood alcohol level) is used instead of BAC (blood alcohol content). Certain Florida drunk driving penalties apply when someone is caught driving a vehicle with blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher; for commercial drivers, the BAL limit is 0.04, and for minors (below 21 years of age), it is 0.02. The implied consent law applies, which means you must give your consent for chemical test if the officer asks you for that. If you refuse, you will face an automatic license suspension for one year for the first time. For subsequent refusals, your license will be suspended for at least eighteen months. It is very important for you keep in mind that depending upon the severity of the offence, such as whether accidents or death or injuries are involved, the arresting officer may also use reasonable force to conduct the chemical test of urine, blood or breathe to find out the blood alcohol level.